The Comparative Research Network was founded in 2007 and worked since then in the field of adult education and research. The CRN Network is specialised in training activities within the fields of intercultural competences, intergenerational learning, mobilities and migration. Additionally, the CRN is specialised in creating and performing evaluation and dissemination processes. CRN lately gained through various projects both as coordinator and participant expertise in game design in education, storytelling and community reporting, where the network is currently carrying out training for several target groups.

As a NGO CRN is non-profit oriented and performs crucial part of its work on a voluntary basis. Major target groups of the CRN are beside trainer marginalized groups, such as persons living in remote rural areas, seniors and unemployed. Generally, CRN is seeking to link social science with civil society actions – that is why CRN joined itself various local, national and transnational networks.http://crnonline.de/
Europe for Diversity Culture and Coexistence (EDCC) is a not for profit institution, with the Head Office based in Chania, Crete, an island of spectacular natural beauty, the second largest city of Crete.
It is a multidimensional nonprofit institution actively involved in daily affairs to promote the principles and implementation of European values, integration, and preservation of heritage and culture. We are engaged to give step to youth people from migrant background living on the fringe of the society encountered hard times, to support their social integration for social peace and the connection to the international environment.EDCC have strong links to the state and private institutions and works to promote respect for diversity. What characterizes and unites our staff is intercultural background, humanism, support & assistance of disabilities and disadvantaged people.
Is composed by a multidisciplinary team that contributes to the creation of new synergies and promotion of the cooperation between public and private institutions with its own activities and proposals but also within the framework of the European programs.
RLN (UK) Ltd.
RLN (UK) Ltd has two core aims;
To develop and implement business support and learning projects including language and cultural activities. Since April 2011 this activity has been extended to cover multi-regional activity as well as delivering projects both in the UK and internationally.
To build on our expertise as evaluators in helping funding bodies to systematically find and describe the achievement and impact of projects. We have specialist experience in both European funded projects, sector based business funding and skills and education projects.
Our key target groups are the business community (in particular SMEs), intermediary bodies involved in business support & government bodies, and we also provide support to the mainstream education sector through links with business.
Alos Centro Europeo de Idiomas, S.L. was founded in 1987. We specialize in Language teaching and Translations which include: General and specialised language training, Content and methodology development and language workshops, Language courses abroad, Efficient and accurate legal translation into all major languages, Proofreading, Voice-over, Interpretations, and Linguistic consultancy.
​We have worked on major projects for the local administration in Valencia, managing almost 2,000 students per academic year in language training courses in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. Among our clients are major Valencian companies and various local administrations, some of whom have been working with us for over 25 years. We have been involved in several EU-funded projects as experts in language and learning.
İzmir Katip Çelebi University (IKCU) is a newly established and rapidly growing non-profit public higher education institution, located in İzmir, Turkey. Officially accredited by YÖK – Council of Higher Education in 2010, Izmir Katip Çelebi University is a medium-sized higher education institution. Having a concept of third generation university, the university offers higher education programs in both English and Turkish languages. IKCU aims to be a leading university in terms of knowledge production, usage and sharing in line with scientific and universal values. The mission of the university is to do research with the aim of resolving social problems and contributing to the prosperity of society, to benefit from research results in practice, to create a global university environment, and to educate responsible and autonomous students, who are willing to develop themselves, competent in their academic and professional life.

Epralima Vocational Training School is a private and cooperative School, which focuses on Vocational Education and Training, offering Youth and Adult Education Training Courses at II, III, IV and V European levels.
The School’s main focus is the Youth Vocational Education and Training and the successful transition between school and labour market.
Since 1998, Epralima has been working in European Mobility Programmes, as a sending and hosting organisation. Epralima also promotes Lifelong Vocational Guidance and Recognition, Validation and Certification of Competences at educational and professional levels.

“Mine Vaganti NGO” (MVNGO) is a no-profit organisation born in Sardinia in 2009.
“Mine Vaganti” means something dynamic. For our staff of professionals it means being social entrepreneurs and keeping the passion for social purposes, in a modern concept of NGO.
MVNGO has 4 offices in Sassari, Uri, Olbia and Tempio Pausania covering all the North of Sardinia with other branches in the rest of Italy.
MVNGO promotes Intercultural Dialogue, Social and Green Entrepreneurship, Sport as a tool of Education, Inclusion of Migrants and People with disabilityhttp://minevaganti.org/it/k2-vet-lent-2/